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James Alfred Pipp (1921-1966)

James Alfred Pipp - Pilot -webJames Alfred Pipp (1921-1966) was an executive, engineer and rocket scientist for Aerospace Corporation and AVCO Corporation during the late 50’s and early 60’s.  He was very involved in the Titan II missile that later became the launch vehicle for Project Gemini leading the way to the moon. Prior to that he was a draftsman for Lockheed.

A lifetime pilot, Pipp flew for United Airlines and was a private pilot owning both stunt jet and prop planes.  Pipp was a Lieutenant in the Air Corps and flew NorthAmerican F-86 Sabre jets against MiG-15 fighter jets during the Korean war and served the Air National Guard.

Jim Pipp was educated at Michigan State University with a degree in Engineering and Philosophy.  He married Barbara A. and they raised four kids in California: Sandra, Tawney, Randy and Kristi.